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Analysis Service

For industries, buildings and private homes.

By cleaning fuel tanks every two or three years it is possible to achieve a better performance of the equipment.

We have a thickness ultrasound measurer which allows us to assess the tank's exact thickness and conditions. We can also monitor the tank in case its internal part is not accessible.

Once the job is finished, there are photographic records to make completely sure our clients know what kind of job has been done.

Spillages caused by inadequate handling or to problems in the tank's breathing system bring about risks and losses.

Our company has specialized staff to look into the matter immediately and find a solution to the problem.

Through samples extraction and analysis we ensure the stored product's quality.

The procedure guarantees quality and reliability in the use of fuels.

Lab analyses

Petromobil SAS facilitates requests to be made to the lubricants and fuels Analysis services.

Delivery times are 24 to 72 hours for routine samples and within 24 hours for urgent samples.

Reports are sent via email or fax.

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