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Cargo Holds Cleaning

Petromobil SAS is proud to inform that it is now in condition to offer another tailor made and specialized cleaning service for vessels lying off Montevideo / Recalada area as well as all Uruguayan Ports.

Over the past few years we have noticed an increasing demand related to the vessel’s holds cleaning during their waiting time off Montevideo (Recalada area) which is the customary waiting area for vessels loading in Montevideo, Nueva Palmira and Upriver ports.

Therefore Petromobil SAS has mounted a team dedicated to the holds cleaning with brand new cleaning equipment manufactured by Mssrs. Marine Care BV and related chemicals, including hydro-blasters, pumps, hoses along with elevating platforms/cherry pickers to grant a better accessibility into cargo holds.

The scope of service offered is:

• All required permits and authorizations to perform cleaning.

• Removal of all types of residue for the ship cargo holds, top tanks, bulkheads, ballast tanks, fuel, diesel, and oil tanks.

• Environmentally safe chemicals to ensure conformity to clean water requirements.

 As a brief recap and for your guidance note that Petromobil SAS is a company founded in 1980 which leader in its field and mainly dedicated to :

• Cleaning and maintenance of industrial and buildings of fuel tanks.

• Repair of shore fuel tanks, suction and return pipes

• Maintenance of pumps at gas stations and industrial facilities

• Underground tanks tightness testing , air tanks and nitrogenous piping circuit

• Fuel spillages & overflows

Petromobil SAS counts not only with a vast experience in the cleaning sector but its fully authorized by all competent municipal & state Organizations as ANCAP, A.N.P., I.M.M. and Montevideo’s port Coast Guard.

In this regard we are glad to appoint Mssrs. River Maritime, reliable Ship Agency that counts over 25 years of field experience as our local coordinators for inner port or offshore cleanings.

Contact us for further details.

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