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    Port Operator

    • General maintenance
    • Fuels pumping
    • Ultrasound measurement
    • Steam boiler room maintenance

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    Cargo Holds Cleaning

    Petromobil SAS is proud to inform that it is now in condition to offer another tailor made and specialized cleaning service for vessels lying off Montevideo / Recalada area as well as all Uruguayan Ports.

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    Gas pumps integral maintenance

    • Gas pumps maintenance
    • UPP pipelines manufacturing
    • Tanks cleaning
    • Tightness test

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    Our company supplies fuels to industries, buildings and homes.
    We deliver orders between 24 and 48 hours, depending on each client's urgency.
    Our vehicles have modern satellite tracking.

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    Fuel oil Service

    • Tanks cleaning and maintenance
    • Ultrasound measurement
    • Steam boiler room maintenance
    • Tightness Test

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    Analysis Service

    For industries, buildings and private homes.
    By cleaning fuel tanks every two or three years it is possible to achieve a better performance of the equipment.

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    Used oils management should be cautiously planned as those oils can be recovered, and so, avoid causing damage to people and to the environment.

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Who we are

Ever since its foundation in 1980, our company has uninterruptedly been working in oil distribution in Uruguay. An efficient and responsible management is an unavoidable priority for us. It is for this reason that we use modern technology in handling fuels in general and we supply the best maintenance for storage units and equipment.

We have suitably equipped units to control spillage and to treat contaminating fuels which contain hydrocarbons.

Quality policy

Quality, environment, health and work safety policy.

At Petromobil SAS we provide petrol derived services, including fuels distribution, cleaning and maintenance, collection, storage, lubricants moving and spillage control.

We commit to meet our clients' needs and to reduce environmental impact by taking care of our collaborators' safety and basing our work on continuous improvement. Quality, the Environment and Safety are part of our activities. Each collaborator is responsible for him or herself and for the others, avoiding 'non-compliance, accidents, professional illnesses and Environmental damages' and being a responsible and mature organization.

This is why Clients, Collaborators, Suppliers, Partners and Society fulfill the following:

  • • Meeting the client's requirements fulfilling current
      legal regulations.

  • • Having well-trained and committed collaborators.

  • • Preserving Petromobil SAS and its stakeholders'
      e interesados.

  • • Eliminating, treating and/or reducing any environmental impact
      that our organization finds.

  • • Fulfilling our plan of activities.

  • • Preventing all staff's physical integrity and health.

  • • Making our suppliers align with our own
      management standards.

  • • Being a sustainable organization for our collaborators
      and stakeholders.

Petromobil's Directors exhort all those who are part of or related to the company to commit and behave aligned so as to get results that allow us to become an outstanding company.

Our aim is to deliver our clients a productive, safe and quality job that protects our business' viability.


To position as a leading company by expanding solutions regarding petrol-derived products, such as entering the maritime area.

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